In 2005 I built my house in Canton Tx. with SIPS I purchased at Korwall. This was one of the best choices I ever made. I had been told SIPS were a highly efficient and cost-effective building method. A friend in the hill country invited me to his new home the day put up his SIPS, it was impressive to say the least. In one day he had walls and a roof and was ready to begin interior construction. Since completing my house in the summer of 2006 I continue to be amazed every time I open my electric bill. My home has nearly 4800 sq. ft. and the average bill is $120.00 I often have months at less than $90 and rarely over $200. I just want to say thanks to Stan and all the folks at Korwall for helping me build such a wonderfully efficient home.

David H

2007 was a wet year. I couldn’t get the engineered foundation poured until August. The people at Korwall were patient with me and delivered the team and the panels when called. The house went up without a hitch. Rick’s team was great. They knew what they were doing and listened to me when I had concerns. My home is a little over 1600 square feet. I have heated floors. I have a geo-thermal heat pump, and I got solar panels on the roof 2 years ago. I designed the house for solar panels, and the people at Korwall made sure that the structure would support them. I pay less than $160.00 per year for electricity. The SIPS from Korwall keep my home well insulated and without drafts.

J. A. Killingsworth

When my husband and I decided to build our dream home, we wanted to use SIPs due to their efficiency and strength. We researched and interviewed four SIPs manufacturers and went with Korwall because of their process and experience. The first electric bill in our 4300-square foot, all-electric home was $189. And that is with three persons there all day, with the temperature set at 74 degrees. We couldn’t be happier!

Lisa Tuck

If I ever build another house it will be built by Korwall they did what they said they would in the time frame they said and the construction was more than I expected, we are very pleased with the overall experience. Thanks Korwall!

Val and Lisa Wood