Forest of Lights

Forest of Lights Fabrication Produced for U.T. Southwestern Hospital on Harry Hines Blvd in Dallas, TX. Concept of a Forest of Trees with 23 illuminated posts with LED Lighting and another 57 steel posts powder coated various colors. Spanning 1,500 feet on the top of the fourth-floor parking garage. Artists are Frances Bagley and Tom…

Giant Safety Pin

‘Giant Safety Pin’ Sculpture Fabrication Claes Oldenburg is a well-known American sculptor whose works populate the globe. His installations, created and presented in conjunction with his late wife Coosje van Bruggen, are typically huge replicas of common objects. We assisted in the fabrication of this iconic Giant Safety Pin sculpture.


‘Harrow’ Sculpture Fabrication The Harrow sculpture by Linnea Glatt combines concepts of time, motion and place. The motorized cone of Cor-Ten steel turns on a circular track, completing one revolution every 24 hours. As the cone turns, its bands travel through a bed of sand, forming concentric rings.


‘Reach’ Sculpture Fabrication This sculpture, titled Reach, was inspired by the works of Leonardo da Vinci. Commissioned by the University of Texas at Arlington, the piece was designed by professor Darryl Lauster. Our skilled team of fabricators brought the artwork to life on the UTA campus. The piece is so large that the construction had to…

Bishop Avenue

Bishop Avenue Sculpture This creation in steel, by artist Art Garcia, represents part of a streetcar wheel. It’s title “Seventh” pays tribute to the neighborhood’s past when people rode the trolley along 7th St, Bishop and beyond. This sculpture is located in a small plaza in the Bishop Arts District in Oakcliff and is part…